Which rules you have to follow while taking pills against erectile dysfunction.

The main causes of erectile dysfunction

With age, erectile dysfunction becomes a real problem. How to cope with such an embarrassment? To answer this question we must understand the reasons causing impotence. Under normal conditions, sexual stimulation occurs quickly. If there have been destructive changes, the process is slowed down in the human body. During erection of the penis blood vessels dilate, blood filling the erectile tissue, which leads to an increase in size. But if there are problems with blood circulation, vasodilatation occurs. That is why doctors have created products designed to combat impotence.

Drugs have become a real breakthrough in medicine, they allowed men to feel confident in any situation. No one is immune from such delicate problems. Stress and lack of confidence can lead to the fact that at the crucial moment will fail in the vessels and people will not be able to have sex. Inability to have sexual intercourse can cause real psychological trauma that will only worsen the situation. To avoid this from happening, you need to take special drugs. Historically, the first vehicle was Viagra, but then expanded the range of medicines, there were analogues on the market.

When to take Viagra

Any medication is ineffective if the dosage is chosen incorrectly. How to take Viagra? There are 4 basic rules that must be followed. Some men take the pill before eating. This is the wrong approach. High-fat diet reduces the absorption and drug components do not have the desired impact. Efficiency means may be reduced by 50% if use it before eating. You can arrange a small snack before you use the drug. However, do not abuse the greasy food. It forms an oily film in the stomach through which cannot penetrate the active substance.

We strongly recommend not prescribing a dose of their own without medical advice. To find out, in what dosage for you to take Viagra, you should talk with a doctor. The harmful uncontrolled reception? First, the drug dilates blood vessels, so they cannot be used with nitrates. For example, if both drink Viagra and nitroglycerin, blood vessels expand too much. Blood pressure decreases, which can lead to unconsciousness. In no case cannot be taken potency regulators along with other vasodilating drugs.

Pick dosage

Sometimes a man feels that he is not enough of one pill and increase the dose. This method is inefficient. How to take Viagra without harm to health? We must comply with the dosage and in any case not exceed it. If the drug does not cause the desired effect, should consult a physician. Maybe the problem is much more serious and it is time to apply more efficient methods for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Endless eating pills will not help.
To the body remained in good shape, you should carefully observe the 4 simple rules. Every man is able to give pleasure to its second half, medicine makes this all possible. Viagra will be the best choice. These tablets take effect one hour after administration and effect are maintained for 4-6 hours. This time is quite enough to enjoy all the pleasures of sex. Reception can afford a man completely confident in their own health.

Fortunately, medicine is developing rapidly and offers many options for people to better health. The medicine is able to solve the problem with potency. If you comply with the dosage and monitor the state of health, sex will be bright and saturated. An intelligent man in the long-term able to please your woman. The main thing – to follow the simple rules of admission and the life will be filled with happy moments in which a person forgets about all the troubles and enjoy the time spent with his beloved.