Sexual life and some words about its huge role in every man’s life.

The appearing of sexual life always accompanied with changes in the physiological and psychological parts of man’s behavior. It could happen in a different age, but there is one main condition – readiness of all body’s systems. It is have got the only one meaning – starts of a new life.

New period always starts from fantasies. They appeared on the base of some situations which happened during man’s life and which lost some expression. Their influence is huge because it is a base to the forming of a kind sexual life style. They also include:
– side experience;
– own experience.

Side way consists of information which was gotten by different channels. They could be television, some visual appearances, friend’s talks etc. The role of this information is very important because without real comparison with reality it could be false. Comparison plays a huge role too. When expectations are in pair with real action, it is possible to separate reality from guesses.

Own experience may be based on the periods of sexual readiness forming. During growing up, every child is going through some stages. All of them are important to the success of forming libido processes. Without them, deviations may be formed. Each period accompanied with an opening of new feelings. They create by touches and connecting of feelings with every action’s result. Besides, own experience includes masturbation. It is well known that every man started to understand that some touches bring him pleasure since the early age. During growing, they could be transformed into the masturbation. First masturbation is a huge occasion in every man’s life because it opens new horizons. It helps to understand real body’s capabilities.
So, the first experience starts in early age and it being transformed during all the period until having sex.

When sex comes into man’s life, he is all ready to get right interpretation to all edges of it. His body is ready and his mind is open to new experience. Another main part of sexual life is excitation. It comes only after real physiological readiness. Without that factor, it is impossible to realize all facilities. Their base goes from expectations, which were based on the already gotten experience. It is important to know that full-time sexual act is impossible without excitation. It germinates in mind and becomes the start line to all processes.When all sides are discovered, sex becomes a part of expressing yourself. It is a good way to show all of the emotions, to make your partner feel a passion and your love. Besides, sexual activity is very important in a case of forming man’s self-confidence. Sexual power brings such kind of confidence, which can be expressed by the advantage from a female. Full time erection is a way to conceive a child, which will be a continuation of your bloodline. Without sexual power, it is probably will be no interest about your person in the female world. Our instincts still have power under the behavior.So, that’s why sex plays such a big role in every man’s life.