Seven main signs indicating that your woman simulates orgasm.

A woman can fake feelings, emotions, and even vaginal muscle contraction (which happens during orgasm). She can breathe at this moment very quickly as if she were tired. Also, a woman can smile prettily. All these things can be done by a clever and intelligent woman.
There are signs that a woman cannot fake:
1. No woman can experience an orgasm without closing eyes at least for a while.
2. At the moment of the orgasm, the muscles of the vagina, the uterus, the pelvic floor, and even the abdominal press begin to contract rhythmically (like pulsation) with the interval of about 0.8 seconds. It is impossible not to observe such phenomena. Not every woman can simulate rhythmic contractions of vaginal muscles that occur during orgasm, so if a male person does not feel this pulsation of the vagina (but only “twitching” of the female body) – it is an imitation of orgasm.
3. As long as the orgasm lasts, the woman doesn’t break off the connection between the erogenous zone with the irritant (penis, tongue, finger, dildo). Only when everything is off some women make the partner’s hand off the clitoris because the continuation of the stimulation becomes painful.
4. If a sex intercourse ends with an orgasm, the body relaxes and a woman wants to lie quietly or even to sleep. If a woman has not reached orgasm she is still excited and, as a rule, active for some time, because she has got nothing in the end. Therefore, she tries to compensate the absence of orgasm – she can touch a partner, kiss him or talk to him.
5. A woman’s face is distorted during the orgasm by an involuntary grimace. It doesn’t mean that it is unattractive, but female persons cannot control their facial muscles at the moment of orgasm. However, if you notice the expression of the highest sense of pleasure on the face of your partner, this is the sign of simulation. Grateful smile and a satisfied look can only be observed later when a woman comes back to herself and relaxes. It is impossible to keep the expression of happiness at the moment of orgasm.
6. During orgasm a woman’s heart begins to beat more often; when she is stimulating her heartbeat remains virtually unchanged.
7. If a woman is strong-willed, and she has a strong character, during orgasm, her sound accompaniment will resemble rather the cries of a wild cat than melodic moans. It occurs thanks to the fact that at the moment of culmination woman’s voice range can spontaneously expand.

Reasons of simulating orgasm in women

What are the reasons for this behavior? According to the information received, the imitation of orgasm during sex in women is observed in one case out of ten. Having analyzed this phenomenon sexologists and psychologists suggest several reasons. Firstly, women do it in order to finish sexual intercourse, which requires a lot of effort and does not bring pleasure. Secondly, women do it for males. It often happens that a woman feigns pleasure because she is afraid to offend a man. Alternatively, a woman can do it as a reward for all the efforts of her partner.
Psychologists assert that partner relationship should be built on complete trust in order to achieve harmony in sexual life. If a man has the slightest suspicion that his woman simulates an orgasm, he should discuss it with her. Surely, a couple can jointly find a solution to this problem.