Seven annoying reasons why sex can be transformed into routine.

Unfortunately, over time, sex is transformed into an ordinary routine in many couples. Here is a list of reasons for such an unpleasant situation.

1. Deficiency of kisses
One woman said: “I realized that my marriage was doomed when we stopped kissing. Even before having sex”. Also, some men have a habit of kissing their wives on the forehead, for instance, after returning from work. Kissing on the cheek is a normal practice. But it is better to kiss on the lips, corner of the mouth, neck or under the collarbone dimple. The practice of kissing on the forehead is the first step to a dull sex once a quarter, or even more rarely.

2. Self-undressing
Lovers experiencing the genuine passion for each other, usually tear their partner’s’ clothes off or, on the contrary, deliberately delaying the procedure of getting rid of underwear, turn it into an erotic performance. Long cohabiting/married couples are usually guided by the principle of expediency and economy of resources. They throw off their clothes and quickly dive under the covers. This is obviously not conducive to eroticism.

3. Untidiness
Piles of documents, a lot of clothes, dumped in the corner of the room, a plate with leftovers, a bitten apple, wet wipes, bills, cough syrup vials are frequent companions of the sexual life of married couples. You should agree that these factors do not contribute to a passionate sex. Each couple, of course, have their own level of attitude to the unsanitary conditions. But the point is – you should pay at least little attention to cleaning the place where you have sex.

4. Sex-killing flavors
All things are possible in common life – garlic toasts at dinner, onion soup, and even beer and whiskey. In the case of a new acquaintance, males brush their teeth, chew gums, and use a mouth freshener. However, in married life, such procedures are beginning to seem optional. But this factor is important, as disabling of smell is impossible in contrast to the vision. Even closing her eyes, your female partner will not be able to imagine in your place Channing Tatum or David Beckham and get the right mood.

5. Silence during sex
There are neighbors with whom you probably have to meet in the lift in the morning. There is a mother-in-law or other relatives, who sleep behind the wall (it would be desirable, of course, to dispense with them, but situations may be different). But both a man and a woman need mental satisfaction in addition to the physical one. And you can forget about it if in the process of sex intercourse none of you emits any sound.

6. Doing household talk immediately after sex
The final of sex is remembered best. But it is often get blurred in those who for many years have shared the same bed. If the sheets are still hot, but you have already begun to discuss whether it is time to update the wallpaper or to buy a scooter for your child, do not doubt: wallpaper and scooters will be remembered, instead of good sex.

It would be unfair to place all the responsibility for non-ideal sex solely on you. Therefore, to achieve a complex effect, introduce the above tips to your partner.