Generic Viagra (Sildenafil)

Generic is a medical remedy that is produced and offered to consumers under the international nonproprietary name or by the branded name, which must be different from the name of the genuine remedy, manufactured by the firm that invented this remedy. Generic medicaments have main active agents analogous to those contained in original remedies. The patent protection of such active agents must be expired.

Quality of “drug copies”

During production, generic producers may use substances of different origin, including poor quality ones, as well as old technology, cheap packaging, and the like. Therefore, final products can differ from original remedies in form and color, a combination of inactive ingredients, pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic properties. Obviously, GMP (good producing practice) principles must be followed by the producers of generics. The manufacturing process must be regularly controlled by the relevant state bodies. Unfortunately, these requirements are not always met.

Types of online Viagra generic

The most popular copies of blue pills available on the Internet are:
1) Kamagra. It is produced in two different variations: effervescent white/orange pills and jelly with fruit taste;
2) Viagra Soft – tablets for dispersal under the tongue like candies or Validol pills;
3) Suhagra – Viagra generic medicament in the form of blue tablets like original remedy, but with a different shape.

Official attitude of FDA and Pfizer towards generic Viagra

FDA hasn’t approved any generic of the famous blue pills because Pfizer has received a legal patent that will be active until 2020. Originally, the patent shall be expired in 2012, but the company prolongs it until April 2020. Therefore, no another firm has a right to produce and sell medicaments with sildenafil on the USA territory. However, in practice this is not so, many sites offer people to buy generic Viagra online. Pfizer firm focuses peoples’ attention to the following issues:

1) generic remedies can be counterfeited and can cause harm to males’ health;
2) the form of remedy other than tablets is not approved by FDA, it refers to such forms as “fast-dissolving pills”, “extra-strength 200 mg” etc.;
3) the medicament isn’t approved for using by female persons.

Price of generics

Copied remedies are cheaper than their “parents’ – genuine drugs. The key reason of low price of generic remedies is that production of these remedies bears the little cost. Producers don’t bear expenses on:
1) developing and researching activity;
2) testing of all characteristics of the key agent of the medicament including its efficiency and safety;
3) advertising (but in the case of production of a new form of the remedy, for example, above-mentioned Kamagra, developers spend some money on promoting new features of the medication).

As we can see, the prime cost of generic medicaments is lower than that of original remedies. Therefore, they are sold at a lower price, while maintaining profitability.